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October 20, 2019

Not that the world would have been waiting for another blog… but there you go. This (work in progress?) blog is a collection of my ‘thoughts in R’ with varying degrees of seriousness. Posts will mostly relate to my substantive interests (comparative political science, human rights) or are simply notes to myself on a specific R function. Not claiming any final truth. One step at a time.

Roland Schmidt #IStandWithCEU #COYG

Codes are collected at www.github.com/werkstattcodes
Tweets are at @zoowalk.


The site is run with blogdown and hugo. The theme is based on Stephen Siegers (@siegerts) elegant Theme Basic.

Data protection

Note that since I like to click on my own site and see how the the hit statistic increases, the site runs a google analytics script and tracks visitors.